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Texas HB 496 Bleeding Control Kits

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Multi-Person Initial Response Kit and Wall Mount Case

Why the need?

Why should individuals or public access areas have Initial Response Kits readily available? Click below to learn more about the problems generating the need for Initial Response Kits and how they serve as an appropriate solution.

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Empty Multi-Person Initial Response Kit Bag

What's inside the kits?

Initial Response Kits are commonly compared to First Aid and Advanced Trauma Kits. Click below to learn more about the difference and how Initial Response Kits provide a simple and effective solution for bleeding control.

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Multi-Person Initial Response Kit and the primary components to respond to active shooter and bleeding emergencies

How easy is it to use?

Medical kits can sometimes seem intimidating. Anyone, regardless of age or background, is capable of using an Initial Response Kit. Click below to learn about how simple it is to use the kits and how you can save lives. 

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Initial Response Bleeding Control Training, Kits, and Solutions
Kit up America Initiative

Our Vision

We don't believe in competition when it comes to our industry. We aim to align ourselves with trusted organizations and companies working to provide initial responders with the highest quality life-saving training and equipment.

Our Mission

To increase the survivability of individuals in casualty-producing incidents through preparation based on education, reliable techniques, and proven equipment.
  • Initial Response Bleeding Control Training and Kits
  • Initial Response training content recognized by the Committee of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
  • Initial Response works to help raise awareness for the Stop the Bleed campaign