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  • Texas HB 496 Bleeding Control Kits

    With the implementation of Bill HB 496 calling for Texas schools to install Bleeding Control Stations in each school, we are dedicated to help you be proactive and prepared. Our kits meet the content requirements listed in HB 496  and have the option to be customized to meet your specific needs. All of our products are approved by the Department of Defense Committee On Tactical Combat Causality Care, and can increase the survival rate in a bleeding emergency by empowering your personnel to provide immediate response while Emergency Medical Services are alerted.

    Our products are priced to meet the requirements for direct purchase opportunities based on Texas regulations.

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  • Initial Response [A Practical Solution For A National Concern]

    A quick piece with our thoughts on emergency response and how we feel anyone is capable of saving a life during the critical time while Emergency Medical Services arrive. Emergency training is often an afterthought and can be difficult to gain priority when funding is a concern. Arguments of the low probability of a bleeding emergency occurring are common, "there's only a 1% chance of something bad happening". This is an arbitrary number, but even if it were true, that 1% chance entails the highest of consequences and you need to be able to guarantee a 100% success rate.