Initial Response [A Practical Solution For A National Concern]

What Will You Do When Disaster Strikes

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responding to a medical emergency What would happen if there was a bleeding emergency at your location? A typical response is to call for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). While this is an appropriate response, we want to break down the reality and help manage expectations during bleeding emergencies. We consider bleeding emergencies to be any event resulting major bleeding with either pooling or squirting blood. The national average response time from call to arrival is roughly seven minutes. If you’re located in a rural area, the average response time doubles to 14 minutes. In the case of major bleeding, a person can bleed to death within 5 minutes if not properly treated. For this reason, our training and equipment is focused on treating the injured during this critical time window until EMS arrives.


We Have Responders On Staff

Some facilities are staffed with trained security and medical personnel. For these locations it is common to rely on these personnel in the event of a bleeding emergency. There is nothing wrong with this thought process, but if leveraged more personnel within a location we could drastically increase response capabilities and survival rates.

An Uncomfortable, But Necessary Example

Empty classroom settingLet’s take a look at a small school setting. For this example, our school has 1000 students, 50 faculty and staff members, 1 school resource officer, and 1 nurse onsite on a normal day. If a shooting occurs where 4 people are injured, we assume the 1 officer is dealing with the attacker and securing the area, and the 1 nurse is able tend to at least one of the injured personnel. 3 out of the 4 injured are at risk potential death due to major bleeding. These assumptions are based on the average of 3 to 5 minutes in which a person can bleed to death with untreated major bleeding and the 7 minute average EMS response time.

Leveraging Assets

What if we were able to have all of our faculty and staff trained and equipped to treat major bleeding. This gives us a potential of 50 additional responders to help until EMS arrives, increasing the chances for survival. The odds drastically increase if students are trained as well. Some more common practical examples can be motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters, or accidents involving physical harm.

Providing training for personnel and having the appropriate equipment readily available can drastically increase the ability to respond and save lives during the time frame EMS are dispatched and arrive.

Transcending Politics

Opinions on politics, laws, and tactics will vary, and we respect that, but waiting for everyone to agree on a solution is not an effective strategy. The solution is within humanity and our ability to do for each other. While there may be dark times and people with ill will, people are still capable of doing amazing things and being there for each other. If we are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and resources, we can do anything. We can save lives. We can be the difference.

We can't wait on politics

A Realistic Approach 

While we may not be able to predict or prevent disasters and emergency events from occurring, we can work to ensure our personnel are capable to respond and increase survival rates. When disaster happens, will the people immediately available be able to respond? Our mission is to ensure we can always answer yes to that question. We are all Initial Responders and together we are the difference.

The Business Of Making A Difference

Although we provide training and kits, our goal is to educate anyone who comes across us on how to respond to a bleeding emergency and encourage people to become knowledgeable on how to control major bleeding at a minimal. Whether it is through us or not, we want the public know all trusted sources to purchase reliable and proven equipment and have the confidence to use it.

Initial Response Bleeding Control Kits as a reasonable emergency solution anyone can use