About Us

Initial Response is dedicated to increasing awareness on the benefits of bleeding control training and kits for the public. We may not always be able to prevent emergencies from occurring, but we can ensure communities are trained and equipped to treat and save the lives of those injured in an emergency event. We leverage Special Operations veterans who are exceptionally trained in hemorrhage control and trauma medicine along with our industry partners to provide you with the highest quality bleeding control resources. The contents included in our Initial Response Bleeding Control Kits are some of the same equipment carried and relied on by today's Special Operations and Military personnel.  


GerDono Wade
Co-Founder of Initial Response, GerDono served as a member of Special Operations previously working as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant with 20th Special Forces Group, and government contractor working in various austere environments. In 2010, while away with the military, two separate school shootings occurred, one at a local university where he previously worked and the other one at the school where his wife taught. GerDono is focused on using his experience to help the public increase survivability and extend life in traumatic events.


Jake Thompson
Co-Founder of Initial Response, Jake served as an Infantry Squad Leader in the United States Marine Corps and as a government contractor working out of the US Embassy in Afghanistan. As a father of two and husband to a school teacher, Jake is dedicated to educating and equipping communities with Initial Response training and kits.